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Pooch Perfume 4 Set: 4 x 125ml


NEW!! NOW 3 GORGEOUS POOCH PERFUME SCENT SETS of four 125ml bottles to choose from!

Click your favourite Image below to reveal the scent set details & Choose Your Pet’s Perfect Perfume Set ..white(all dogs) ,blue(boy dogs), pink(girl dogs)..

Beautiful scented pet perfume. Each set includes 4 x  125ml bottles of pooch perfume.

ALL STAR POOCHES- perfume for all dogs: Vanilla Cupcakes, Lime & Coconut, Cinnamon Cookies, Coconut Love

GIRL POOCH -perfume for female dogs: Pink Sugar, Musk Sticks, Frangipani, Lily & Rose

BOY POOCH-perfume for male dogs: Coconut Love, Egyptian Musk, Bamboo, Lime & Coconut

Scent Set

All Pooches: Very Vanilla, Lime & Coconut, Cinnamon, Coconut love 4 x 125ml, Boy Pooch: Coconut Love, Cinnamon, Egyptian Musk, Bamboo 4 x 125ml, Girl Pooch:Pink Sugar, Musk Sticks, Frangipani, Sheer Lilly & White Rose 4 x 125ml

Bottle Size

Medium 125ml

1 review for Pooch Perfume 4 Set: 4 x 125ml

  1. virginiagraham

    lovely smelling 5 stars *****

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